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It’s about time we stop mooching of Surviving Studenthood for posts ­čÖé Now that we are up and running, we’ve got some our own great posts to share.

I’ve got a big date tomorrow night, and I am going into it with the intent to get some action (yes, women do that – often!). Of course, common ‘action’-date┬ácourtesy means shaving. You can already tell how some of us feel about shaving from our post on ┬áSurviving Studenthood, but most of the time, we bear and grin it, because – well, because we want some action, and we like smooth legs too ­čÖé

I would, however, like some clarification about shaving my legs, because it seems to me like every time I bring the razor to the bathtub, the Mission Impossible song is suddenly about to play. I never realize how flexible until I am trying to shave my legs – and then every┬áconceivable┬áposition from a yoga move to a sex move is attempted in a wet, slippery shower in order to catch all those tiny hairs. Sounds dangerous ;).

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