Alright so today The Wonders of Womanhood has decided to tackle a rather uncomfortable situation. You know how annoying it is to have Aunt Flo in town but sometimes…she makes her presence known to others. I remember last year I was sitting in a lecture hall at U of T. A young woman sit in the row behind me. She sat down and a slight shift in the position of her legs and I got a clear whiff of Aunt Flo being in town! It was a rather uncomfortable and sometimes unbearable situation for all!

We would like to tell you – a bad-smelling period is a very normal concern. There is nothing wrong with you. Periods are the discharge of blood, uterine lining and fluids; it’s not a pretty combination and you shouldn’t feel insecure if you notice Aunt Flo is…talking softly but wearing a loud shirt!

So, how can you combat this concern, and make sure Aunt Flow stays in your pants?

1. Try Using a Tampon: The smell from your period becomes magnified when the discharge being exposed to the air. A tampon stops from the discharge from being exposed to the air and may reduce the smell. Be sure, however, that the tampon is the right size. A tampon that isn’t thick enough will leak. One that is too thick may cause TSS.

2. Try Always Feminine Wipes with Pads: Maybe you are not comfortable using tampons? No problem! There are solutions even when you use a pad. I got a bunch of Always pads, and they had a little green pouch attached to each pad. Each pouch contained a wet wipe that smelled fresh and clean. They serve as a really wonderful way clean up “the area” once you put a fresh pad on.

3. Try Lightly Scented Products: Some women suggest lightly scented panty-liners or pads. There doesn’t see to be any real benefit of scented tampons because the discharge isn’t exposed to the air. Lightly scented products sound great in theory – but if your body has a reaction to them, be sure to discontinue the products immediately. Do NOT spray perfume etc. on your vagina – this can cause serious irritation. Keep products used in that area – like soaps – unscented in order to reduce irritation.

4. Trim the Hair: Ladies, hate to be graphic, but keep the pubic hair short! Like a beard, the hair can catch all types of odd bits and ends…and can harbour the smell. Get rid of the hair, if you can!

5. Don’t skimp on showers: Cleanliness is an important part maintaining hygiene  It seems like an obvious one, but a lot of girls get lazy during their period and forget about that. Shower daily – if not twice a day.

6. Change your pad often: For safety and smell reasons, be sure to change your pad often.

7. See a doctor: If the smell is really bad and consistent, it might be the sign of a vaginal infection. Go to your doctor and get tested if necessary.

Every vagina has a unique smell, and that applies even during menstruation. Don’t feel insecure! It’s all part of the Wonders of Womanhood.

~ The Wonders of Womanhood