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The girls here at The Wonders of Womanhood are split on their perception of Valentine’s Day. Some think it’s a wonderful day…others think its a commercialized, unnecessary, gooey-filled gross holiday that induces hate. Haha! We’ll let you decide!

Regardless of your perspective, Valentine’s Day can serve as a wonderful opportunity for renewal; renewal of love, of course, but also of friendship.

My first memory of Valentine’s day was sitting in my kitchen the night-before (yes, I called it Valentine’s Eve) and writing a Valentine’s Day card for every student in my class so I could hand them out the next day. Being part of this annual ritual brought me up with the understanding that Valentine’s Day was about friendship and reminding those around you that their friendship was valued. In fact, for many, many years of my life, dating and love had nothing to do with my Valentine’s Day experience.

So rather than holing up on this red, pink and white holiday and bemoaning your single-status, here is a chance for you to re-evaluate and re-strengthen your friendships.

It’s about the people you let into your life – your family, your co-workers, lost loves and those who have left us. It’s about the shared experiences, the people who are alongside you when you are dreaming – who come into your life and leave an imprint in your heart that aches with joy long after they are gone.

How many friends do you have that you would call if you were in trouble? How many friends do you have that you could really count on, that remember things that are important to you, and never fail to show that they are thinking of you? Continue reading


My best friend always tells her parents how important it is to raise your daughter to think and fight like a guy. “Femininity might get you a guy”, she always says, “but strength will ensure you don’t need one”. In this crazy world we live in, women fight constantly – to be recognized as equals, to have access to the same jobs and resources, to prove tenacity and to rewarded for being excellent leaders. Dare we say it? It’s a man’s world, and a woman should be ready to fight in it.

I think that’s why part of my identity comes from recognizing that I am a fighter; I have been, my whole life: its something I’m proud of, and its something I hope others to recognize in me. I’ll confess I wear my heart on my sleeve; I can be a little insecure, I’m loyal to the point of annoying and I’m meticulous to the brink of insanity.

But with all my flaws, I am a fighter – and I fight when its personal but also when it’s based on principle, even though that can be so much more work. It’s the reason I say I can sometimes be a bitch and, more importantly, it’s the reason I say I am often proud to be one.

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Dear Guy,

Here I am again – stuck in the same position that guys like you leave me in every time. I start off really liking you and after a lot of muster of guts, I asked you out – or maybe you pursued me first – but either way, I get hooked. You make me think you could really like me – and I’m not one to push it! – but I started to notice, and like, the little things you do. Maybe its the way you say my name, or how you smile when you are feeling shy, or when you take the time to ask me about me, and share details about you.

Then I start to like kissing you – the way your hand moves slowly down my back, and the way your lips feel – and I like holding your hand and going places and seeing the world. It feels different when you are there, and I can’t put my finger on it except that I get butterflies in my stomach. Suddenly you feel familiar to me, like you belong in my life. You fit perfectly like a piece in a jig-saw puzzle, and now I am not scared of the unknown anymore because exploring the unknown is how I met you. I don’t know what to call how I feel, but I know it feels good.

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