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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Today I felt the wrath of mixing business and pleasure. I don’t often have a problem with it, but once in a while, it comes to bite me in the ass. And while I sat there ruefully rubbing my sore bottom, I started to think whether or not combining friendship and business can be fatal to the friendship, particularly when the business aspect goes sour.

The scenario was quite simple and rather commonplace  – I was forced to choose between two friends to be my partner for a big project, and due to both a lack of communication between the two partners and myself, as well as a lack of a concrete decision on my part, the decision came in late, and the person I didn’t pick was understandably upset. It took me a long time to make a decision because I had a lot of trouble deciding against her, but in the end, I make a decision on objective criteria that I felt was best for me.

Simply put, it was a business move.

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