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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Exactly 14 days from now, my boyfriend and I will be celebrating our six-years anniversary. SIX YEARS! I couldn’t imagine dating for six months let alone six years!! But suddenly, here I am, after a wonderful ride that has been tumultuous, exciting, passionate, and well, sometimes stressful (or worse, dull!) – but has never been regretted. I am excitedly approaching a new milestone of 6 years of dating.

Part of being in a long-term relationship means striving to keep the relationship interesting and fresh. I personally can attest that my relationship has become much better and much more interesting as the years go on, and your increasing comfort level with the other person allows for new experimentation in all aspects of the relationship.

And, in keeping with the spirit of doing something new, I decided to throw out a new idea to celebrate our six years of dating. Rather than the wonderful evening dinner we usually do (although, I must confess, anniversaries have varied from full-day dates to seeing each other at all!), I asked my boyfriend if we could exchange 6 gifts to commemorate six years of dating. Each person cannot spend more than $30 for the six gifts, in total (taxes included); a rule which is in place to encourage some home-made gifts. I must confess – in the beginning, some of this idea came from the selfish need of wanting presents 🙂 but somehow, it resulted in a bigger and better reflection than I intended (more on that later).

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