It’s about time we stop mooching of Surviving Studenthood for posts ūüôā Now that we are up and running, we’ve got some our own great posts to share.

I’ve got a big date tomorrow night, and I am going into it with the intent to get some action (yes, women do that – often!). Of course, common ‘action’-date¬†courtesy means shaving. You can already tell how some of us feel about shaving from our post on ¬†Surviving Studenthood, but most of the time, we bear and grin it, because – well, because we want some action, and we like smooth legs too ūüôā

I would, however, like some clarification about shaving my legs, because it seems to me like every time I bring the razor to the bathtub, the Mission Impossible song is suddenly about to play. I never realize how flexible until I am trying to shave my legs Рand then every conceivable position from a yoga move to a sex move is attempted in a wet, slippery shower in order to catch all those tiny hairs. Sounds dangerous ;).


What I've coined the "Bathtub-rim trick" ...


Some people use the bathtub rim trick – by placing your foot on the bathtub rim, and shaving from there. I have two problems with this one; first, the water from the show and my leg keeps spilling out of the tub, and second, it doesn’t fare well for knee-pit (the space behind the back of your knee) action, resulting in a lot of cuts as your leg (and skin) isn’t stretched out. It can also be hard to see, I think – and it is easy to miss a few spots, especially near the ankle area.


Lying in the tub and shaving ...


Others lie in the tub with their leg stretched out and shave – it works if you have a tub (many women don’t they just have a stand-up shower) but I still see problems when I am trying to shave the back of my thigh, resulting in a rather uncomfortable lift up of the leg (kind of a v-shape) which I am pretty sure is the pre-step to the splits.

Standing up to do the back of your legs sometimes works, but when I step out of the shower I notice all these spots I’ve missed. Does that happen to you? It drives me insane! I just spent 30 or 45 minutes in the tub, and I come out to see my leg sporting patches of manly leg hair which apparently I was just blind to while staring at my legs in the shower!

Shower-shaving isn’t much better – if you have one of those standing-up-three-wall-one-door-secure showers, I have no idea how shaving works there. I tried it once, and it was a disaster. And then, women do come with their own preferences – I like the water on or shower running when I am shaving so I don’t freeze to death, and others like to keep shaving as a¬†separate¬†action from showering (which I believe involves sitting on the edge of the tub, feet in, and shaving without getting your whole body wet).

I would love some advice on the best shaving position Рkeeping in mind that sometimes a tub is a luxury and not always accessible.

Is there a shaving position that works for you? How can you guarantee you get all the hair on your legs, and how long does it take? Do you find changing positions to be a challenge?