This is a blog for women – and for men, but mostly for women 🙂 – to discuss ideas, share thoughts and commune together while we survive and enjoy the magical passage through womanhood. Anyone can be part of this blog – it’s an opportunity for women to get some reinforcement from a fellow sista, and guys (or other girls) to get the inside scoop on understanding women.

We are the girls from Surviving Studenthood – we write about the trials and tribulations of being a student, and we thought women might need a blog of their own. We want to write about everything women go through (some of it graphic!) and we want to hear your thoughts too.

We are excited to bring you this blog, and we really hope that you find a safe haven here from the perils of womanhood. You are welcome to email in your questions (to be answered personally or via blog post) at – just be sure to include “Surviving Womanhood” in the subject, so it goes straight to our personal folder. You can also leave comments at the bottom of each post – and feel free to use an alias or write “anonymous” in the name section if you feel your comment is private or sensitive.

We want to hear all your thoughts and ideas – and if you want to read a post on something we haven’t written, please – give us a shout!

Welcome to The Wonders of Womanhood!