This blog, which is all about womanhood, will – bit by bit – give away all the secrets guys need to know about meeting women, dating them, and surviving them. Each post may apply to all women or just some women, but either way, its an opportunity for woman to connect and guys to get some insight.

Surviving Studenthood’s post starts us off with a little secret-sharing … check it out!

I sit here writing precariously: the guys who are active writers for this blog were up in arms at my insistence for this post, but I think their curiosity about a girl’s perspective got the best of them, and I managed to sneak in approval for this post. I concede that Surviving Studenthood is  a blog about studenthood (and surviving it – I know, not so creative title! :)) but in my opinion, relationships are a huge part of studenthood, and they a … Read More

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